Dog Breaks Down In Tears Because She Misses Her Mother

Because of a work trip, a woman from Cape Town, South Africa, was forced to be absent from her home for a period of three weeks. She was familiar with her beloved. Because she knew that her dog would be in good hands with her son-in-law, she was able to go on the trip without any concerns. On the other hand, she had never anticipated that her dog would become so depressed in her absence.

Ever since her mother had left, the dog had lost all of her vitality. She was just consuming poorly at this point and had completely abandoned playing. The anxious daughter did everything in her power to cheer the dog up, but the dog did not appear to respond to any of her efforts.

Last but not least, the young girl pleaded with her mother to video record them playing with the dog. The dog’s distraught reaction can be seen in this video as she shares an emotional moment with her mother over video chat. The dog sits on the couch and watches her mother talk on the phone. She soon becomes overcome with melancholy as she does so.

As she tries to convey to Mom how much she misses her, her eyes well up with tears
Mom has finally come to the conclusion that her dog is in a significant amount of pain, and she anxiously reassures her that she will be better soon. However, the dog simply stands there with her heart pounding and tears streaming down her face as she stares at the phone.

Pооr dоg! When Mom gets back to her house, we have no doubt that she and Mom will have a wonderful time seeing one other again.

Sweetheart, please just hang on for a few more minutes!

To see the dog’s heartbreaking behavior during her video session with her mom, watch the video below!

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