Giant Dogs Become Foster Fathers To Baby Goat And Raise It As Their Own

Wait a minute, a goat raised by dogs?

No, that wasn’t a typo, it actually happened! You are about to read a story where two Bernard dogs Julie and Basiel took care of a goat named Hans like their own child. Both dogs lived on a farm with chickens, cows, chicks, and other different types of animals. These two buddies take care of all other pets and they are fully aware of how to respect other animals. All the animals at the farm love to hang out with each other.

By the way, goats are a great companion for other farm animals. And mostly, goats can get along with farm dogs. Oftentimes, some goats give hard time to other animals making it impossible to live under one roof. Likewise, there are some dog breeds that don’t allow other pets to live with them no matter what! And sometimes, goats and dogs get along with each other very well. They are considered a great companion for each other. Breeds of St. Bernard are considered as working dogs who can be used to guard the livestock as they are basically guarding dogs and they are great with sheep and goats.

This story is about a tiny adorable goat named Hans. He was abandoned at one of the farms in Belgium. There were two St. Bernard dogs named Julie and Basiel, these two buddies lived with other farm animals and took good care of the farm. As Hans was left alone there with no companion, both the dogs decided to raise the baby goat as their own. Since then, the trio is complete and they can’t live without each other. Hans follows the step of his foster parents Julie and Basiel and respects all the other animals at the farm. Oh and not to forget, he enjoys sunbathing and he loves climbing on things and what not. They love to cuddle up. This trio is now inseparable and they adore each other. 

Scroll down to have more adorable pictures of Julie, Basiel, and Hans that we gathered for you. We are sure, this trio will definitely make your day today. 

More info: Instagram – h/t: The Dodo

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