Horrifying scene of jackals catching and tearing buffalo carcasses very quickly

A pack of wild dogs was taken by two young buffaloes on a walk and a battle for survival ensued.

The incredible scene unfolds in Lower Zambezi National Park in Zambia.
Wild dogs are often dubbed “land piranhas” when we tear our prey to pieces while it still tries to ignore it.

Despite being one of the highest absolute risk predators in Africa

Hunting in packs, we squeezed out our prey and started tearing it apart as soon as the first member approached the target.
Wild dogs often finish their prey in minutes, as they also have predators and competition to avoid.

Wild dogs are highly social animals and each member of the group has a chance to eat. In this case, a pack of wild dogs hunted a young buffalo shortly after taking down an antelope.

We were hunting and spotted a pack of wild dogs hunting antelope. After a successful knockdown and they dieted during their meal then they relaxed a bit.

Then they keep an eye on the buffalo herd and the hunt resumes! We target a young calf, and like wild dogs, we start the hounds while it is still fighting for its life.

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