Adorable baby elephant dances in the street, then takes a bow

Wildlife enthusiasts captured video footage of a baby elephant entertaining tourists on a street in Kruger National Park in South Africa, and it is adorable.

Zander and Stefni Rautenbach Wildlife Photography described the young pachyderm’s actions as “practicing charging,” and that might be so. But it actually looked as if it were dancing in the street. The entertainment value is priceless.

Viewers loved it. Among their comments on the Zander and Stefni Rautenbach Wildlife Photography Facebook post:

“So cute.”

“Love this.”

“Absolutely precious!”

“Cuteness overload!”

“This is so sweet, even doing the moon dance. LOL.”

The baby elephant opens with its fake charges before transitioning into a dance routine, including kicking some elephant droppings. It ends the act by taking a bow, dropping to both knees. The baby elephant then gets to its feet and hurries off its stage toward the rest of the herd.

Precious, priceless, cute, adorable and sweet, indeed.

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