Herd Of Elephants Lays Down At Ease After An Incredible 500-Kilometre Journey

In China, the Asian elephant is a critically endangered species with around 300 individuals left in the wild. That’s why this herd receives a lot of attention from the beginning of its journey.

This herd of wild Asian elephants consists of 15 members, including three calves. More surprisingly, one of the three calves was born during the journey. There’s only one male in the group, the rest is females, however, the only male has recently separated and stayed around 4 km behind the herd.

The reason why they move out of their initial habitat is still a mystery, but they are going on an incredible journey. Indeed, a 500-kilometre migration is not an easy task even for humans.

Drone footage: CNN

During 15 months of nonstop trekking, they have been carefully escorted by the police, a total of 14 drones and 500 personnel have been deployed so far. The local governments have put a huge effort to protect and direct the elephants, and also to compensate the damages which these naughty giants have caused on the way.

Scientists are amazed by their epic journey, but they’re also worried. This phenomenon can somewhat reveal serious environmental problems in China. As the elephants are moving northward, there may be some problems with their home. Shrinking rainforest, degraded environment and losing habitat may threaten their future.

Drone footage: CNN

For the moment, it seems that the pack has not yet reached its destination. Elephant fans and all people are watching them every minute. Stay tuned for more information.

Video of the whole herd of elephants taking nap is available below, check out to see these adorable creatures:

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