Amazing Rare Albino Squirrel Is Photographed In Royal Deeside

There is so much luck when you spot a rare animal by chance and snap some pictures of it. These pictures are priceless. It proves that such rare animals do still exist. The point here is that not all of us can see them. Tim Clifton, who is currently living in Sussex, England has recently photographed a rare albino squirrel in Royal Deeside.

When the man spotted that albino squirrel, he at first did not understand what kind of animal. He thought that this white rodent was a seagull. The rare albino squirrel also spotted him and approached him for some food (urban protein). Tim took some pictures while she begged him for a meal.

When I saw him, I could not believe it. I thought how big he is. I sat down on the bench, and he came up to me. He looked at me as if to say, “You have something for me-Mr. Said Clifton’s publication.

Albinism in animals is a genetic condition resulting in beautiful all white fur or skin. Albino animals are very rare in nature. Regarding this rare white squirrel, experts said it was believed to be a red rather than a grey squirrel as it had the hairy ear tufts absent in greys.

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