There Is An Island Full Of Friendly Wolves And You Can Visit It In Washington

The wolf is a large canine native to Eurasia and North America. They are best known and well researched animals in any other wildlife species. They are known for being dangerous creatures who are capable of harming humans. But statistically speaking, the threat is negligible. Sometimes, wolves are even friendly and affectionate as house dogs. If you don’t believe us, just visit the Predators of the Heart Sanctuary in Anacortes in the state of Washington. This special island is full of friendly wolves whom you can meet, take some pics, and even cuddle with.

When you visit the animal sanctuary, you can take part in ​a 2-hour Wolf Encounter Experience. During the experience, you have a great opportunity to run or cuddle with the wild animals, especially wolves. These huge animals are incredibly friendly, and they only wear collars when meet visitors. You can hug them and stroke their super soft and cozy fur! And of course, they won’t eat you. Don’t worry as you are even guided by an expert tour guide for around 200 US dollars per person. Usually, there are 2 tours a day, 6 days a week (the wolves get Sundays off!).

The Predators of the Heart Sanctuary first opened in 1998 and has 10 acres of land where the animals can roam. This is also a home to other animals, including birds, cats, and sloths!

Our goal is to educate children about wildlife, not only to teach the facts about the animals but to use an approach that leads to an appreciation, affection, compassion and respect for these living creatures—to make it clear that an animal’s value is not determined by its similarity or services to humans,” the sanctuary explained it’s mission.

Our purpose is to develop caring and concern for the animals. Our aim is to help open the eyes of their hearts to see that all nature is interconnected and realize that apart from it we cannot survive. We also serve as a sanctuary for animals that cannot be reintroduced to the wild and need a safe and healthy environment to live out the remainder of their lives.”

Have any of you ever gone walking with wolves before? If the answer is yes, let us know your experiences with these adorable animals.

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